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    Magazine Reviews for Tokai Guitar Products

    Andrew Munro's Tokai Article Guitar & Bass (UK)July 2008 PDF Article
    Breaking The Law - Lawsuit Guitars Guitarist (UK)March 2006 PDF Article
    Persona Non Fender (Goldstar Sound) 2004 UK Guitar Buyers GuideMay 2004 Guitar Buyer Page 149
    Guitar Buyer Page 150
    Guitar Buyer Page 152
    Guitar Buyer Page 154
    Editorial on Tokai & Fret-King2004 Guitar Buyers Guide UKMay 2004 Guitar Buyer Tokai Fret-King
    Love Rocks II UK Guitar Buyers Guide2003 UK Guitar Buyers Guide Cover
    UK Guitar Buyers Guide Page 62
    UK Guitar Buyers Guide Page 63
    UK Guitar Buyers Guide Page 64
    UK Guitar Buyers Guide Page 65
    Reviewing and comparing
    • Gibson Studio
    • Fernandes
    • Tokai
    • Gordon Smith
    • Hohner
    • Encore
    The Guitar MagazineApril 1993 The Guitar Magazine Page 1
    The Guitar Magazine Page 2
    The Guitar Magazine Page 3
    The Guitar Magazine Page 4
    The Guitar Magazine Page 5
    The Guitar Magazine Page 6
    The Guitar Magazine Page 7
    LS70GuitaristFeb 03 Tokai LS70 Review
    Talbo SecretBand Yaroze (Japan)Oct 2003 Talbo Secret Page 1 Talbo Secret Page 2
    Love Rock (TLS)Australian Guitar #25Nov 2001 Love Rock TLS Page 1 Love Rock TLS Page 2
    Love Rock (ALS)Guitar Magazine (UK)Sept 2001 Love Rock ALS
    Talbo & TLSGuitar Magazine (UK)March 2001 Tokai Talbo and TLS Page 1 Tokai Talbo and TLS Page 2 Tokai Talbo and TLS Page 3
    A-150SH & TLSGuitarist (UK)March 2001 Tokai A-150SH and TLS Page 1 Tokai A-150SH and TLS Page 2 Tokai A-150SH and TLS Page 3 Tokai A-150SH and TLS Page 4
    Bass BX60Guitarist (UK)May 1986 Tokai Bass BX60
    Bass TJB70JYSOGuitarist (UK)1986 Tokai Bass TJB70JYSO Page 1 Tokai Bass TJB70JYSO Page 2
    TSG 60CHGuitarist (UK)March 1985 Tokai TSG 60CH
    TST56 & TST62International Musician (US)1985 Tokai TST56 & TST62 Page 1 Tokai TST56 & TST62 Page 2
    Love RocksGuitarist (UK)July 1984 Love Rocks Page1 Love Rocks Page 2
    TL55 & LS70 QTGuitarist (UK)Jan 1994 TL55 & LS70 QT Page 1 TL55 & LS70 QT Page 2 TL55 & LS70 QT Page 3 TL55 & LS70 QT Page 4
    Flying VeeElectronics & Music MakerMarch 1983 Flying Vee Page 1 Flying Vee Page 2
    ST50 & PB80Electronics & Music MakerFeb 1982 Tokai ST50 & PB80 Page 1 Tokai ST50 & PB80 Page 2
    Tokai AmpOne..Two..Testing Flying Vee Volume #2 Tokai Amp Review
    ST50 & FV1Unknown (UK)Unknown Tokai ST50 & FV1 Review

    Magazine Ads for Tokai Guitar Products

    PublicationDateTokai ModelAd
    Guitarist (UK)May 2004Marshall 40th Anniversary Ad with Billy Gibbons (check out the headstock)Marshall Ad
    2004 Guitar Buyers Guide (UK)May 2004Blonde 335Ad
    Guitarist Live (UK)2001STAd
    Guitarist (UK)Feb 1986STAd
    Guitarist (UK)Mar 1986STAd
    Guitarist (UK)Oct 1986Love RocksAd
    Guitarist (UK)Aug 1987Custom SeriesAd
    UnknownApprox 1985-86Alvin LeeAd
    UnknownMid 80sTST60 AX100S TLS80Ad

    From the '85/'86 Tokai catalog with SRV on the cover

    Tokai Ad featuring Ace Frehley's band (Frehley's Comet)

    Australian Pedal Pricing from Mid 80s - Tokai FX List

    The Tokai factory sent me a copy of the October 2001 Gigs magazine featuring an article on the 2001 Glay Expo, which I believe is similar to Oz Fest. The guitarist for Glay, Hisashi, is a Talbo player and has several customer Talbos. The article also features booths and other custom Talbos from the expo.

    Cover  Hisashi 1  Hisashi 2  Hisashi 3 

    Booths  Custom Talbos  Glay Expo Talbo Ad 

    Tokai's booth at the 2001 Musikmesse in Germany

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