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Love Rock NLS80PR

NLS80-PR Review

Date:December 22, 2002
Manufacturer:Tokai Gakki
Author:Ned Cullen


Santa Claus came early this year compliments of the Tokai Gakki Company. As a token of their appreciation for our commitment to the Tokai Guitar Registry and their brand they have sent a Love Rock NLS80-PR (Paisley). So here is a quick review after a few hours of jamming with this beautiful instrument.

Before I get into the specifics of the guitar I thought it would be worthwhile to look at how the guitar was shipped. The guitar came double boxed for protection, the inner box contains the guitar with packaging material completely surround the instrument. It is the attention to small details that make the biggest differences and the foam block to protect the 3-way pickup selector is just such a detail.

Love Rock NLS80PR Love Rock NLS80PR


Body: Maple 3 piece top, mahogany back
Neck: Mahogany Set-Neck
Fingerboard: Rosewood, 22 frets
Bridge: LS-VB Bridge, Chrome / LS-VT Tailpiece, Chrome
Pickups: Alnico PAF-Vintage MK2
Controls: 2V,2T, 3way SW
Machineheads:SD90-SL Nickel, Gotoh

Fit and Finish

Love Rock NLS80PR The PR stands for the paisley finish on this model Love Rocks. While the cast is more towards a light purple or pink burst compared to the more maroon burst on the picture featured on the North American site ( it is still an absolutely beautiful finish. The backing to the paisley features a silver finish which really allows the paisley design to stand out. The grain on the neck and back just enhance the overall look of this guitar and speak quality.

Love Rock NLS80PR You can see the new North American headstock shape in the picture, notice the dip in the middle of the mustache. This is special for North America to keep from infringing on any copyrights other companies may have on a particular headstock shape.

The guitar came well setup with a very low action and no fret buzz anywhere on the neck. Bridge and tail piece are basic Tune-O-Matic type and typical of Les Paul/Gibson copies.

Feel and Sound

Two words: Fretless Wonder!!!!
I know that moniker is usually reserved for Customs but it takes no effort to get a true and clear note out of the NLS80. With very little pressure I was able to extract notes that sounded clear and were perfectly in tune. While warming up it felt as if I was able to play through scales faster than normal due less required pressure on each fret to get a clear note. To test if this were true I fired up the metronome and after 5 minutes I was 10bpm faster than my usual quick times. When you drive race cars everything is about a faster time.

As for the sound I will have to quote Linda Richman (Mike Myers in drag) and say it is like melted butter. The Mk2 pickups where able to produce great blues tones, clear tones and of course some serious distortion tones.

When you have a paisley guitar it only seems right to jam along with Cream. I plugged the NLS80 into my GuitarPort and started rocking to Crossroads and was able to get a guitar sound similar to Claptons. This followed by a quick jam with the old Rockman to some classic Boston which allowed me to get as close to that sound as I have ever gotten, Strats just don't cut it with the Rockman tone. Love Rock NLS80PR


I have owned Gibson Les Paul Standards in the past but this NLS80 absolutely takes the cake. Not only does it play wonderfully it is just far to cool looking with the paisley finish. Ever the wife could not stop talking about how beautiful this guitar is and she usually only complains when new guitars come through the front door.

If your sitting on the fence about getting a Tokai climb on over and join the group as Tokai Love Rocks have got to be the best guitar for the money you can buy. My next quest is a Korean Gold Top to compare to the NLS80.

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